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Red Zen Stones No 4 - Abstract Art - Perfectly Stacked Stones - Poster

Red Zen Stones No 4 - Abstract Art - Perfectly Stacked Stones - Poster

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  • 21x30cm - DIN A4
  • 30x40cm
  • 50x70cm - DIN B2
  • 61x91cm
  • 70x100cm - DIN B1


• Paper weight: 189 g/m²
• Paper thickness: 0.26 mm
• Opaqueness: 94%
• ISO Brightness: 104%
• Alder, black and white frame made of semi-hard alder (for framed posters)
• Solid oak frame (for framed posters)
• Acrylite front protection (for framed posters)
• Hanging materials included (for framed posters & canvases)
• 21cm x 30cm posters correspond to A4 size
• Raw product components in the EU sourced from Japan and Latvia
• Raw product components in the USA sourced from Japan and the USA

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Our premium poster "Red Zen Stones No 4" is an absolute must-have for all art lovers and Zen enthusiasts. The abstract representation of perfectly stacked stones in bright red gives any room a harmonious and calming atmosphere.

This poster embodies the essence of Zen and brings calm and balance to your home or office. Abstract art allows you to find your own interpretation and be inspired by the harmonious shapes and colors.

Our premium quality guarantees long durability and brilliant color reproduction. The poster is printed on high quality paper and is available in different sizes to perfectly fit your room concept.

With our "Red Zen Stones No 4" poster you can bring a piece of timeless art and relaxation home. Be enchanted by the abstract beauty of the stacked stones and create an oasis of calm in your own home.

Order our premium poster “Red Zen Stones No 4” now and immerse yourself in the world of abstract art and Zen. An absolute highlight for every art lover!
  • Free shipping from 39€

  • easy installation

  • Produced in Europe

  • Matte premium paper


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