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Woman One Line Art No 6 - Poster

Woman One Line Art No 6 - Poster

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  • 21x30cm - DIN A4
  • 30x40cm
  • 50x70cm - DIN B2
  • 61x91cm
  • 70x100cm - DIN B1


• Paper weight: 189 g/m²
• Paper thickness: 0.26 mm
• Opaqueness: 94%
• ISO Brightness: 104%
• Alder, black and white frame made of semi-hard alder (for framed posters)
• Solid oak frame (for framed posters)
• Acrylite front protection (for framed posters)
• Hanging materials included (for framed posters & canvases)
• 21cm x 30cm posters correspond to A4 size
• Raw product components in the EU sourced from Japan and Latvia
• Raw product components in the USA sourced from Japan and the USA

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Explore the world of minimalist art with our fascinating Woman One Line Art posters. Each work of art tells a unique story, created through a delicate connection of skillful lines. The simplicity in representation allows to capture the essence of each illustration and create a deep connection to the art.

Lines full of meaning: Our Woman One Line Art posters embody the subtle power of simplicity. Every single stroke has been placed with precision to convey grace, expression and personality. These works of art are more than just visual masterpieces - they are a celebration of creativity and the ability to convey depth through minimalist means.

Modern art for your home: Give your rooms a contemporary touch with the Woman One Line Art posters. The simple elegance of these works of art blends seamlessly into various interior design styles while providing an eye-catcher that inspires conversations.

Add the Woman One Line Art Posters to your art collection and discover how clever lines can reveal a world of meaning.
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  • easy installation

  • Produced in Europe

  • Matte premium paper


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